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Two machines sold out whithin One Day

We are pleased to announce that our warehouse received a Kugler Nano Precision five-axis machining center and a Toyota FH550XS CNC machine on August 21, 2023. Both machines were sold out of stock the next day, August 22. The Kugler Nano Precision five-axis machining center utilizes advanced five-axis control technology and high-precision carving system, making it suitable for the manufacturing of parts that require high precision and complex contours. It is especially suitable for key part manufacturing in industries such as automobiles, aerospace, medical equipment, and high-precision instruments. The Toyota FH550XS is a high-end CNC machine that is ideal for machining complex structures and parts that demand high precision. It can efficiently process large volumes of high-precision components in a short period of time. Both machines are equipped with high-end configurations such as high-speed spindle, automated tool changer, and intelligent control system, which enables efficient, precise machining and improvement in production automation. They will provide us with high-level manufacturing technology and production capabilities to deliver better services to our customers and business partners.